Our Intentions Shape Our World

Our intentions are important parts of our psyche…

As human beings , we are constantly engaged with our environment. And everything in it – people, things, places, smells, sights, feels…where does it all go?

It goes to your BRAIN. And what does the Brain do with all this information?

It Processes..kind of like Computers. Takes raw data, and ‘makes sense’ of it all.

Now it’s this ‘making sense’ that needs the most attention. Mostly how we perceive what we see, hear, and feel. And the integrity of our thoughts.

Perception Is Everything. It’s True. You Are What You Think You Are… Others Are Not Always What You Think They Are..

Perception Is Everything because it’s through perception which is linked to intention we ‘make sense’ of the world. How are you ‘making sense’ of the world, the environment, people, places, things..

To ‘make sense’ , everything has to fit somewhere. Our minds like order – this fits here, that fits there. Then the hierarchy comes into play; it is this divided way of ‘making sense’ that requires transformation. Allowing your own freedom of being, as well as another.  That is the main shift upon a spiritual awakening.. that order gets shaken up..and gets reprogrammed through the Heart, which is undivided upon it’s spiritual return, who’s intention is always pure.

But you don’t have to have a spiritual awakening to learn to trust your true heart, to be aware of your thoughts, actions, feelings and words spoken..

Rise up with Intention. What do you intend to bring to the world? Personal Accountability is the fastest way to know where one’s intentions and integrity stands..

Let us keep INTEGRITY in our MINDS and our HEARTS. Truth is a vibration. Integrity is being guided by that internal vibration that shows us truth.


Intentions set the path for present and future thoughts, actions, perceptions…

Guard your Intentions..in Love, Understanding, and Truth. We Reap What It Is We Sow

Going deeper into the understanding of our intentions is this article –Allow The People Around You To Choose Their Own Ways Of Life

Intent Lovingly & Wisely til next time


Resurrection ~ Pesah Reflections

As I sit in reflection through Pesah , I am reminded that we were lead out of the slave land, out in to the wilderness, and never forsaken..

You believe You are UnReedemable..
You are Not..

You believe You have come too far upon your current path to change..
You have Not..

Whenever you are Ready to Resurrect your Self..
You will be welcomed with open arms

Redemption is yours for the accepting..
It is only guilt and shame that the worldly life has taught you, which is holding you..

Let go..Let go.. Martyrdom no longer

Release all that bother you, haunt you, gnaw at you, and provoke you..
Release them all to Almighty, El Shaddai. El, El Elohim
ReVeal Your Self to Father, so he may reveal his presence to You..
Reinstate Your Self with Greatness


Staying Alive

No matter who you are
NO matter what has been done
No matter where one has been
Spiritual Reinstatement is possible
Reinstatement, yes – for we are simply ReTurning to all we are..

We are of Spirit
Spirit of our Eternal Father & Everflowing Mother
Presence and Essence , They Blossomed a Child

Spirit from which all Souls Flow
Growing and making Manifest through every journey
To lands now known and unknown
To Earth , and other planets
Lands habitable

With Ease We Flow
Through Time and Dimensions
Not Perfect
But doing Our Best
Still Alive

A Soldier Of Love

So We Rise

A Will To Survive

…Stay Alive..



















6tag_091216-104904WE ARE LOVE




Love Beyond Boundaries



It’s the month of love! Though romantic love is mainly the focus for atleast 14 days of the month, there is more that we can do besides show some extra love to our partner and eat chocolate with them.
For the rest of the month of February, I challenge us all to love beyond our boundaries. What does this mean?

It means to show love in ways that you have never done before, in ways that you only thought about but then backed away from the idea because it seemed ‘too much’ . Let me just tell you, that there is no such thing as ‘too much’ , and if you are prompted to feed the homeless, give back through a charity, give a helping hand, etc regardless of what others might say, and regardless of who you are helping. Your Love matters. And the Love that you share and want to share with others matters.  You never know what the kind deed that you’ve done can do for someone. It can save a life.

So for this month of February. Be Love. Show Love. Speak Love. Act with Love. To every human, animal, and thing.

Here are some tips to help you along!

  1. Love Your Self.
    If we can not show love to ourselves, it will be harder for us to reach out and be vulnerable.
    Become comfortable with showing your own self – mind, body and soul – love, by following your heart and giving yourself what you need when you need it. Giving this kind of attention to your self will make you feel better and you will naturally want to share the Love with others!
  2. Be Still.
    In the quiet, we hear the voice of Spirit, the All Loving Source that blows breath in our body and encourages us live authentic. In the stillness you will find a clear mind, a clean and open heart, and a peace filled soul. Walking in and with the presence of Spirit, we are always encouraged to be Love Unconditional.
  3. Do some Yoga!
    As a practicing yogini and experienced yoga teacher – I speak from experience when I say do yoga. Because yoga connects us to the deeper parts of ourselves that we are aware or unaware of, every time you practice you will feel different. Every time you practice you will feel more in tune with who you really are! And all that love won’t stay bottled up!..you will want to get up , go out and do something good for others.The best poses to add to your routine to help Open Your Heart are : Ustrasana (Camel Pose), Urdhva Dhanurasana ( Wheel Pose) , & Natarajasana ( Dancer Pose)
  4. Random Acts Of KindnessThis is perhaps the one that seems most easiest..but here is the twist. I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone. Every day keep an eye out for the chance to help someone you don’t know. And don’t just give the man on the side of the street a dollar..let the random act of kindness find you.
    It is those moments that just show up – and give you the opportunity to help someone. Usually we shy away from this, but I am asking you to feel the fear and do it anyway. The fear will subside and turn into compassion and unconditional love.

Take the Love Beyond Boundaries challenge and start sharing & spreading love beyond your usual circle. Be inspired to share love to the world as I am doing by sharing these tips with you right now 🙂

There is no danger..

photo credit: mother earth

There is no danger in the uprising of one(our) self. Whether or not it be a peaceful uprising of a race that has been tortured for abiding to their soul and celebrated for straying away from the inner light. So much so they are lost. and can see them self no more. But the time is called. The time is now. The time is risen where all will be risen

We reach wiser, more enlightening spaces and experiences in life  We now have a time to come together. but some of you do not want it so. Why? Ask your self why you do not want everybody to be together. To be happy. To full be in consciousness. Each and every one of us contributing greatly to  the greater whole. THAT WHICH IS US , ONENESS. WE ARE ONE>

WE ARE UPON THE END OF THE WORLD as we presently view it. ..that is scary to some people,so they are riding it out. But the Best way to embrace this end of time is to look forward to the new time of love consciousness, risen consciousness, unified human consciousness. we are RE turning to BEING. Living PRESENT instead of putting it off til the end.. .  The world might appear different, but it is for good.

Breathe easy, Walk Softly, Be In Conscious Livity

Love and Light my loves,


Heart Set Free


Set the caged bird free

release your judgements and mind trickery

the best try is to not try

Life is right under our noses

there is no need to go looking outside

break down those inner walls

and live in the moment

Life all resides in the following of our heart whispers

Intuition + Emotional Intelligence

We are used to hearing people say, “smart guess!”, or ‘it just came to me’ when talking about a moment of instant knowing or understanding . Well, its not just a smart guess and it didn’t just come to you..It is called Intuition and you were tapping in to it!
All information is swirling around us 24/7. We simply need to build our emotional intelligence , our intuition, so that we can tap into this unseen field that we interact with on a daily basis.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, everyone knows that science has now proven that intuition exists, and that it is super important. It links to the subconscious, the majority of our brain..and it is just as important to exercise our intuitive,subconscious mind as we do our cognitive, intellectual conscious mind.

The standard definition of intuition is ” the natural knowing of something ( an event, a name, a number, etc)”.  This natural knowing usually surfaces when one’s mind just instantly happens across information.  One feels like they can see the chains of events to come, and sometimes events that have passed.
The information that intuition brings, plays out in the entire story received through our feelings.  Intuition cuts through everything that cannot be said or is hard to say/explain. Intuition transcends language , overcomes all spaces. IT is where we can all meet on common ground

This is why emotional intelligence is so very important.

Being able to ‘know’ what someone is feeling,  is the first step to finding solutions that will have exceptional results in our families, homes, businesses, societies and communities, as we cater for ourselves and for others.

As noted earlier, Intuition has been science proven. It is linked to the pineal gland  which is located in the middle of our brain – where the mind and the body meet – regulating several hormones.

I’m going to get a little deep here and give mention to chakras. So chakras are the underlining and literally energy points that bring forward our manifested body.
One of the seven main chakras is connected to our intuition, this intuitive chakra is called Ajna or most usually referred to as the third eye. The third eye has a lens that opens to see behind physical reality*. It is where our mind and our body connect. The body and the mind are constantly collecting and sharing information about our surroundings and the things we feel in and around the body (our surroundings), are interpreted by the (subconscious) mind. Incredible details and understandings come from this mind-body interaction and we receive this lovely information in the form of feelings and ‘natural knowing’ or intuition.  For example, if we are blindfolded and taken to the beach , several body and mind receptors work together and as they collect information, we receive feelings, and other stimuli feedback  that makes us intuitively know that we are at the beach.

Intuition,the pineal gland, is a muscle. The more we use it, the better we become at knowing exactly what our subconscious mind is communicating to us.

And now that we are becoming more conscious of our senses and our mind-body connection. This is one of the main reasons for the rise in yoga, meditation and several wellness practices. We call it ‘wellness’ but it is us trying to connect to and understand the messages coming from our mind-body connection.

This quite evidently the reason for the rise in vegans and vegetarians.  As we become aware of our true self check into how we feel about eating meat…and it does not resonate with the mind-body connection.

So next time you feel your intuition nudge you, follow it. It might be hit and miss at first, but as you trust yourself and the messages you receive from your intuition, you will find that you are more right than wrong

Til a next time,

stay building your emotional intelligence and tuned to your inner-teacher (intuition)

Smooth Transition Rocky Times


We are all waiting for the system to crash and end everything so that we can start afresh again..  and perhaps we will have that. Perhaps not as extreme and chaotic as some may assume or wish..

The past few happenings have shown me and taught us that after seeing just snippets, we can not know the full story. This is what the media has made bucks on. Selling snippets and concealing the full/true story.

Ultimately, this is a learning ground for us all – and we are the ones who decide how it all plays out.. These times call for a great deal of accountability of our thoughts, words and actions.

Through it all, we all want the same thing – to be able to be express all the parts of our self fully and freely. This has been so for few, but now it will turn to be so for the many. And as all comes to the surface, we begin to look at our self and see the solid aspects as well as our fractured aspects   And it is in the healing of the fractured parts of our self , individually and collectively, that we will find healing, forgiveness, respect, honour, reinstatement and peace – combining this with the unity and strength of our solid aspects ..dare I say the future could be a lot brighter than we think.

Don’t let the media tell you what is going on..find out for your self – I like to watch live coverage of things, it gives me a great sense of the truth of situations.

So hold dear to faith and uplift your thoughts. Let us keep positive and have faith in ourselves and each other.

With love-light filled blessings